Manage Your Health

Coordinating your care for better health

At WAcare, we work with you and your providers to identify and promote the best possible solutions and get you on your way to health and wellness. We do this through a process called care coordination.

What is care coordination?

Care Coordination Services are a new kind of health related benefits that are completely free to you and are intended to support you in identifying and achieving your health related goals. Your Care Coordinator will work with you and your entire health team – as you define it - to help make things go more smoothly between your medical and social service providers and you. The ultimate aim of Care Coordination is to support you in improving your health and wellbeing. These services are individualized and personal to you and your needs.

Who is eligible?

We are looking to enroll individuals in care coordination if:

  • You have Medicaid or Medicaid/Medicare.
  • Medicaid has determined that you may benefit from this service.
  • You may have a serious medical condition and may be at risk for other conditions.
  • You may require more than one service provider to address your health care needs.

What can a Care Coordinator do for you?

Your Care Coordinator can:

  • Help you work on health goals that are important to YOU.
  • Help you develop a list of questions for your doctor so you have them ready when you go to your appointment.
  • Go to medical appointments with you.
  • Help you talk to your doctor about your health needs and goals.
  • Talk to you if you have questions about your medicine or your medical care.
  • Talk with all of your providers to make sure everyone is working together for your benefit.
  • Act as your advocate and support you in making your health needs known.
  • Help with your transition if you go in and out of the hospital.
  • Help you get care for any medical, mental health, or chemical dependency support you may need.
  • Help you learn ways to stay as healthy as possible.

What is a Health Home?

You may have heard the term “health home” used in place of care coordination. A health home is not a physical place —it is a set of services to support you if you have serious chronic conditions or more than one medical or social service need. It is designed around you, with you and your particular needs at its heart.

How do you start?

If you are contacted by a Care Coordinator, let them know you want to participate. If you haven’t been contacted, reach out to us today! Then work with the Care Coordinator, make a Health Action Plan, and get started!

What is a Health Action Plan?

A Health Action Plan is a set of goals you set for yourself with the help and support of your Care Coordinator. Your Care Coordinator will work with you to create goals that will get you on the road to health and wellness. Plus, your Care Coordinator will help you reach your goals, measure your progress along the way, and support you by working with you and all of your providers.

Will this change the people you work with now?

You can continue to work with the same people — the program will just add to your team to help you develop and follow up on your Health Action Plan. You can continue to work with:

  • Your paid caregivers.
  • Your Area Agency on Aging and other case managers.
  • Others you work with (for example, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, mental health counselors, and chemical dependency staff).

If you are interested in receiving care coordination services, and you are deemed eligible for these services by Medicaid, we would be happy to schedule an appointment at a time and place that is convenient for you. Contact us today.